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Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarship

Cover letter


Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarship Description and Instructions for Students and School Staff

Club Name:_____________________________________Club Contact Person:________________________ Phone: ________________ Email: ____________________________________________________________


The mission of the Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarship Program is to award scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have successfully faced adversity, to recognize their accomplishments, and to motivate them to pursue higher education.


During their high school years, these students have confronted serious personal problems which may include substance abuse and addiction, abusive parents and guardians, poverty, homelessness, physical handicap or illness challenges. Recipients are courageous young people who have overcome these obstacles and are looking forward to completing a 4-year college/university, a community college, or a trade school. Scholarships are provided to high school seniors who will be graduating at mid-year or at year-end of the current school year. Scholarships generally provide $1,000 per student, though amounts vary by club. The number of scholarships given annually is dependent upon fundraising success before review and selection of Turnaround Scholarship recipients.


Kiwanis Clubs work with high school staff on the Application and Selection processes. The Application process consists of:

Nomination Form – to be completed by School Staff by 3-8-12. A Transcript must be attached by School Staff to the Nomination Form.

Student Application Form—to be completed by the Student by 3-8-12. A Personal Statement must be attached to the Student Application Form.


Support for Success: “Orientation to College” and Mentoring 

Turnaround Scholarship candidates must complete an “Orientation to College” course at Mission College in April in order to be eligible to receive their scholarship money. Students will be required to fill out an enrollment packet (including signatures from the Principal, as well as a Parent/Guardian) by March 25. Enrollment packets will be delivered to the participating schools by March 15. The class is intended to increase their chances of success in post-secondary education. Those who complete the class will be assigned a Mentor, who will support them in pursuing their educational goals.


The Kiwanis Club works with the School Staff to invite Turnaround Scholars to a luncheon. Recipients may invite ___________________________________________________________________________ to accompany them to the luncheon, which will take place on ___________________________________. They will be asked to speak about their Turnaround in front of the group for approximately ___________ minutes. Students may need support in preparing their remarks, as the experience can be very emotional.

Receiving Scholarship Money

At the luncheon or before, Turnaround Scholarship recipients will be given instructions about how to receive their scholarship money. Scholars must:

register for 12 units of coursework in each semester/quarter. Anything less would be on an exception basis. provide proof of registration for each semester/quarter.

The Kiwanis Club will provide separate instructions on how to provide proof of registration, as well as how the scholarship money will be disbursed.

Nomination Form


To download a form, visit: Today’s Date: ____________ Nomination Form Due:_______

Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarship NOMINATION

Expected Name __________________________ Current High School ________________________ Graduation Date __________

Name of Nominator ______________________ Position at School ___________________________________________

Nominator’s Phone _______________________ Nominator’s Email __________________________________________


Please list the information or respond to the following questions about the Student:

TURNAROUND: Please describe the challenges and circumstances the student has experienced (academic, family, health, drugs, gangs, etc.) and the actions which demonstrate a “turnaround” (continue on back if necessary): __________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________




Please attach Transcript

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade

Grade Point Average __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Class Standing __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

IMPROVEMENT IN ATTITUDE: Please describe: ____________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Please describe: ____________________________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

OTHER FACTORS: Please describe any other factors that we should consider as we review this student’s application: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

NEW NOTE TO TURNAROUND SCHOLARSHIP SCHOOL CONTACT: Your Kiwanis contact will provide Concurrent Enrollment Packets for the required “Orientation to College” class for each of the TAS candidates to you. Please ensure that the candidates submit the completed Enrollment Packets to you, in time for you or your Kiwanis contact to send or hand-carry them to Mission College by MARCH 25. Please also ensure that your Students attend the Orientation to College class at Mission College on either April 7 or 14.

________________________________ __________ Nominator’s signature Date



To download a form, visit: Today’s Date: ____________ Application Due Date: _______

Kiwanis Turnaround Scholarship STUDENT APPLICATION

Expected Name __________________________ Current High School ________________________ Graduation Date __________

Address ____________________________ City________________ Zip Code _________ Email____________________ Home Phone ________________ Cell Phone ____________________ Date of Birth ____________________________ Parent/Guardian’s Name _____________________________ Phone Number___________Email____________________

Parent/Guardian’s Name _____________________________ Phone Number___________Email____________________ ************************************************************************************************** Please respond to the following questions (attach additional pages if necessary):

1. Describe your educational goals upon graduation from high school:__________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. List the colleges/trade schools to which you have applied or plan to apply:

College/Trade School Date Applied/Will Apply

Planned Start Date Area of Study (if identified) ________________ __________________________ ________________ __________________________ ________________ __________________________

______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________

__________________ __________________ __________________

3. Please describe your extracurricular activities (for example, clubs, sports, community service): ___________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. If you have had a job(s), please list the employer(s), dates of employment, and job responsibilities:

Employer Dates of Employment Job Responsibilities ______________________________ _________________________ _______________________________________ ______________________________ _________________________ _______________________________________

5. Please prepare and attach a typed Personal Statement telling us who you are and how you have been able to turn your life around and improve your academic performance. If someone in your life helped you in your turnaround, please include a short description of what that person did for you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are selected, you will be notified on or around March 15, and will be required to complete an “Orientation to College” workshop in April, for which you will need to submit an enrollment packet by March 25.

Student’s signature _______________________________________ Date _______________________________ All information on this form is confidential and will be handled in the manner prescribed for all school personnel records.