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Organizational Values

New Valley is a safe and nurturing alternative learning environment where students are empowered with academic, intellectual, social and emotional skills to better themselves and their community. Our ethical, compassionate staff celebrates diversity and supports students in developing personal goals and realizing their individual potential. 

Together, our KNIGHTS are committed to self-improvement and community. 


We are:


Knowledgeable-We understand expectations and work to fulfill them. We think about the future by developing goals and plans. We always carry a growth mindset.


Nurturing- We look out for one another, taking personal responsibility for ourselves while sharing mutual respect to ensure a safe and positive learning environment.


Inspiring- We motivate others to do well by setting good examples and making positive changes. We encourage others to go past their comfort zones to achieve success.


Genuine- We have the courage to express our individuality and authentic true selves. We have the courage to support one another’s individuality as well.


Humble-We remember where we came from in order to stay grounded and see everyone’s self-worth as equal, while using our own experiences to help others change in a positive  way.


Thankful- We continuously express appreciation and gratitude through acts of kindness in school and within our community.


Successful- We persevere, with resilience, taking what it means to be a KNIGHT throughout life’s experiences and challenges.