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Mr. Vela

New Valley Community,
We had a very successful Back To School Night. It was an opportunity to introduce our staff and welcome you to New Valley High School. Thank you to those who attended. It was a pleasure to spend the time with you.
I want to share with you one of New Valley’s practices, which is part of a long standing tradition of helping students take command of their instructional program. The practice is called “TRAP,” and it stands for “Transcript Review of Academic Performance.”
TRAP is a practice we adopted from Broadway Continuation High School, which is a California Distinguished School. On TRAP day, students review their transcripts, and make projections on the credits they will be earning based upon their current grade. They meet with their teachers and take the opportunity to make up work in order to earn the credits they will need to satisfy their graduation requirements. TRAP takes place at the midway point of our grading period. This is helpful to students because if their grades are not high enough, they will have time to complete the work that will help them earn the grade they seek.
As a result of TRAP, students update themselves on what they have to do in order to earn the credits they need to meet their goals. Our grading period ends on September 21st. Any student who discovers she/he is unhappy with a grade will have until that day to take action.
A side benefit of TRAP is that we can gather grade point average data to share with staff and students, another effort to show where our students are at this moment, so that they can make and accomplish goals by the end of the grading period. Our students are motivated, and they are experiencing success!
Here are a few points on our school wide student performance for the first four weeks of school.
  • Our School Wide Grade Point average is currently 2.4.
  • Our 9th graders earned a 1.73 Grade Point Average overall.
  • Our 10th graders earned a 2.58 Grade Point Average overall.
  • Our 11th graders earned a 2.34 Grade Point Average overall.
  • Our 12th graders earned a 2.5 Grade Point Average overall.
  • 71% of our students earned a 2.0 Grade Point Average or higher.
  • 43% of our students earned a 3.0 Grade Point Average or higher.
We will gather data again once the grading period ends. We will have updated data on September 24th.  I will keep you posted. Your child’s grades are kept current on School Loop. If you do not have an account and need help establishing one, please give us a call.