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Contact Information

Moya Devine

(408) 423-2358

Art Department




Ms. Devine


Course Goals:

  • To develop and expand the aesthetic appreciation of art in each student.
  • To recognize, understand, and use the elements of art and principles of design.
  • To increase knowledge and skill in the use of art media, in order to be able to express ideas, feelings, and values.
  • To respect the originality of one’s own creative visual expression and in the artwork of others.
  • To appreciate the contribution the arts have made on this and other cultures in the past and present.
  • To make informed aesthetic interpretations, judgments, and analysis of works of art based on objective criteria learned in class.




  • Elements of Art and Principles of Design
  • Color Theory
  • masks
  • pop-art blockprints
  • “Dia de los Muertos” altar
  • Coil baskets
  • Art Nouveaux Scratch Board
  • Winter water color scene




  • Poster: Research project on an artist
  • 2 hour artist research
  • Visit an art museum; bring a brochure from the exhibit and a written reflection of your visit.
  • Bring in supplies for class.
  • Your own art
  • Drawing box


Grading Policy:


  • Completionof assignments
  • Understandingof concepts
  • Quality of individual effort
  • Improvement
  • Full time productivity (working on art, all class period)
  • Class time participation (including discussion and clean up)
  • Good listening skills, positive attitude and behavior.


  • No hats, cell phones, headphones or music devices. Bathroom use: Take the pass with you, only one boy and one girl at a time.
  • No food or drinks.
  • Profanity and put-downs are not acceptable.
  • Be on time and sit down.
  • Be prepared to sit quietly, and listen to the teacher for the first and last ten minutes of every class period.
  • Some talking is permitted, while working, as long as it is quiet, and respectful.
  • All materials and classmates will be treated with respect.
  • Everyone is expected to help with the daily cleanup.
  • Students will stay in their seats until the bell rings.